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Johnson Memorial Health is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network - a selct group of carefully vetted, independent healthcare organizations with special access to Mayo Clinic knowledge, resources and expertise. Patients benefit from Mayo Clinic and care network members working together to provide patients with care they need, close to home, at no additional cost and with added peace of mind.


Riverview Health is Noblesville's largest employer and one of Hamilton County's ten largest employers with a staff of more than 1,500. At Riverview Health, we focus on improving the healthcare experience for those we serve. For our patients and their family members that means providing access to quality physician's, investing in advanced medical technologies and maintaining an atmosphere of genuine caring and respect. To support this mission, Riverview Health offers those with a passion for healthcare a variety of employment, volunteer and educational experience opportunities that engage learning and grow careers.


Indiana University Health is the largest network of physicians in the state of Indiana.

A unique partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine, one of the nation's leading medical schools, gives patients access to leading-edge medicine and treatment options that are available first, and often only, at IU Health.

IU Health has been on a path to create a healthy culture for all. The IU Health way describes our shared culture and how we aspire to treat each other, our patients and the communities we serve.


AMG Specialty Hospital – Central Indiana (Muncie Campus) is part of the AMG Integrated Healthcare Management Hospital System – a Top-5 Post-Acute Care Hospital System.

Our mission is an unyielding commitment to Patients, People, and the Pursuit of Healing.

When patients need more attention, time, and therapy than they can get in a traditional hospital, we provide quality patient care and dedicated rehabilitation experts for their complex medical conditions over an extended period of time.

Plus, because patient safety is our number one goal, our campus is built as a hospital within a hospital. Our patients will always have access to high-level, specialized care if it is needed.

The care you, your loved one, or your patient receives in our specialty hospital can make the difference between a fuller recovery with an optimal quality of life or a continued hospital stay or possible readmission.

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