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Brittany Hopkins


Hello my name is Brittany Hopkins I am a mother of two daughters and I am from East Chicago,

Indiana. Growing up I have always enjoyed helping others and I always knew I would want to

work in a field where I could be of the most help and good in the world. I ultimately chose a

career in healthcare because this is where I felt I could do the most good. I decided to go back

to school to complete classes towards getting my high school diploma in December of 2022 at

the Excel Center Gary location. Upon enrolling there I learned of free medical certification

classes I could take alongside my high school classes. KLR’s Pharmacy Technician class was

one of those options and I jumped right on it. I knew from the day I started my high school

equivalency classes I wanted to go into pharmacy. I dove head into my classes making sure I

brushed up on the necessary math and science skills I would need to achieve this goal as well.

Upon completing my high school equivalency courses I started my pharmacy tech class with

Brent at KLR Medical Certification Training School. My experience in this class was nothing

short of amazing! I absolutely enjoyed working with Brent, Shawna, and the rest of the team in

our class. My favorite thing about the class has to be the clues to remembering the information

and also the hands-on projects like the SIG Codes and DEA projects. Now that I am certified as

a pharmacy technician I plan on enrolling in pharmacy school and becoming an actual

pharmacist and maybe even opening my own pharmacy.

Brittany Hopkins
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