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Hector Salazar


 The begining of life

My name is Hector Salazar an my life began in August 13th 1998. My life I view as a movie black comedically tragic movie lots of ups and downs. To catch up to speed I started excel cause I was a gifted child who ended up burning out and dropping out due to denial of my failing mental health an burn out. Yet I decided to better my life by going to excel which surprisingly I caught up yet being awful at math I had to do a college class to pass which leads us to the current times.

 The begging of the end

"Pursue victory!Justice and freedomFor those deservingTriumph through force of willDestroy those who hold us backPersevere or die"Band internal bleeding, album driven to conquer, year 1999


So near the end of my tenure with excel I had to make a choice either do something that interested me or do something I hate so I can be done with excel. I decided to do something that actually interests me medical stuff always fascinated me. When I started pharmacy tech class it was around October if I can recall correctly as I started the course I was immediately overwhelmed with the work assigned I felt like I was about to drown even in the beginning so I almost decided to drop out luckily Katie decided not to see me give up. Katie decided to call me to hear me out an in the end encouraged me to continue with her help I got close to passing the first time but I ended up failing. I was defeated tears leaving my eyes cause I was tired of being a failure in my eyes. But again with encouragement by Katie and Shawna I gave it another go.


The triumphant end


"Dead - Deceased, but life goes onI will be the one who won"Band entombed, album left hand path, year 1990Rip L-G Petrov


My second go faired better with the help of Katie and Shawna. I busted my soul an spine even did study sessions with Shawna nearly passing out at times due to exhaustion. All the whole juggling a 3rd shift janitor job leaving beaten. But I had drive I wanted to improve my life's standing and move on giving myself a ease of mind an something to be proud of. So while I did pass I did have two things negatively happen my transmission seized and my plumbing is being backed up. But while the negative comes in waves I still hold my head high and seek the future. My future plans are getting a better job and possibly continue schooling but like the late great L-G Petrov wrote "I will be the one who one". That's the story so far.

Hector Salazar
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