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Holly Novak


I’m Holly, from Michigan city, IN. I earned an associates degree in business but never used it. Instead I stayed home with my son who has special needs and homeschooled him. After separating from my husband I needed to get out and work but with no real experience with my degree it was difficult to find something that was a good fit for me. 


I found information for pharmacy technicians and thought I might enjoy that job and I applied to  Ivy Tech to complete a Pharmacy Tech program. Fortunately for me, there was an issue filing my FAFSA. I had to reset my password which can be a lengthy process and I missed enrollment for the term. But I stumbled upon the pharmacy tech training program from KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School and realized I could complete the course before the next term even began. 


It was nice because I could log in from home and all of the homework and projects were able to be completed within the time I had set aside for myself to study. There were no long papers or group projects that required you to depend on classmates participation. And it made the class extremely easy for me. Show up, pay attention, do your homework, and you’ll get it. 


Katie was a great teacher. Always available to answer questions, keep people motivated and up to date on assignments and very flexible because she understands that sometimes life happens. 


After passing my exam and getting certified, I applied for my license. I got hired at Walgreens and am finding there are many more opportunities for me to build a career and earn more money while doing a job that matters and helping people every day.

Holly Novak
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