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Jacob Murray


I’m Jacob Murray what brought me to KLR Medical Certification Training School was my  job working at Pure Pharmacy. I  live in Indianapolis Indiana  I’m a military spouse 

I am currently was a tech in training now I am a certified pharmacy technician 

So my job actually partners with KLR after so many people have passed the NHA with them. I have been working for this company for quite some time and I know some of the people that have not gone through this course struggled badly and had to take the test over and over again until they partnered with KLR and so far ever since they have partnered with KLR every pharmacy tech in training has passed. 

When I found out I was taking the class we were actually switching software so it was actually very stressful and Katie and Brent push you through it like no tomorrow

They don’t tolerate that you can’t do it. They are very demanding and forceful that you get your work done and no slacking. They give you the push that you need to succeed.

Brent was definitely one of my favorite to work with he provided me with a whole bunch of answers to questions I had. I will say this as challenging as the class is you have a lot of fun with your projects the sig Code and the DEA project was my favorite. As for me and what I’m doing with my certification I will continue to work at pure pharmacy and hopefully be able to compound and learn more in the pharmacy as it grows. I want to end this by thinking the KRL  team also big shout out to Brent for everything he has done.

Jacob Murray
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