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Megan Morrow


After attending Jefferson High School from my freshman to junior year, I took the initiative to switch and enroll at the Excel Center in Lafayette, my hometown. I wasn’t getting the one-on-one help i needed and deserved. Once I switched they introduced me to the Pharmacy Technician Certification course. That alone caught my eye. I had a few set backs due to some health issues, but everything played out perfectly because Excel got me in the first term class! Before switching to Excel and joining the KLR Training program, I had no plan. My mental health played a big role as well. 

     Joining the program helped me figure my plan out. The structure and schedule of the class was perfect. Katie worked with me very well, helped me catch up on anything i got behind and confused on. I do have to say she is the teacher anyone could ask for! She takes time out her day to help one-on-one despite the setback of this being a virtual course! This course gets very very difficult. There were moments of self-doubt, but as of September 23, 2022, I am officially aCertified Pharmacy Technician! 

    I plan on taking this opportunity in the pharmacy to further continue my career in the addictions field! Working in the pharmacy will teach me very useful information on prescription drugs, the chemicals in the compounds, and so much more! I cannot wait to see where this next chapter of my life takes me!

Megan Morrow
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