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Savannah Hillman


Hi, my names Savannah. I joined the KLR Medical Certification program through my school in December of 2023 and it has completely changed my life.

I had a lot of family issues which resulted to me dropping out of school at 17… I later became a mom at 19 and have been a  stay at home mom for two years. I started to feel lost in my life, I wasn’t sure what was next for me after staying home for so long. So I decided I wanted to go back to school and get my certification. My school set me up with KLR and contacted Mrs. Katie for me to get started in getting my Pharmacy Technician certification. I’m so thankful I got a second chance to go back to school AND earn my certification that day. Mrs. Katie and her whole team are nothing but supportive and want to see you succeed. Mr. Brent was my instructor for the pharmacy technician course. He kept class upbeat and fun as it was a lot of information. His teaching made this course so much easier than I would’ve expected before starting. They have high expectations because they believe in you. And you can do it! You CAN do hard things. I really hope to start out in retail with my certification and move my way up into a hospital. I’m so excited to be able to help others. Thank you so much KLR!

Savannah Hillman
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