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At KLR Medical Certification Training School we have a team of passionate professionals who are committed to providing the best training and education possible to students. Our team combines years of industry experience with a devotion for teaching and is dedicated to creating a learning environment that fosters growth, development and personal empowerment.

Katie Reigelsperger,

Founder & CEO

Katie Reigelsperger is an experienced Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) with 15 years of expertise in retail and hospital pharmacy. Transitioning from a Pharmacy Supervisor to a dedicated full-time teacher in 2018, she now offers various online courses, complementing her passion for education. In her free time, Katie cherishes moments with her two boys, Joshua and Daniel, and finds solace in the world of books. Her journey exemplifies a commitment to both personal growth and empowering others.

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Naomi Willis,

Work Based Learning Manager + Instructor + IEP Coordinator

Graduating with academic honors from Noblesville High School, Naomi, completed the CNA pathway and is now a certified CNA. Her valuable expertise provides our staff with credible information and a new outlook into the medical field. When Naomi is not working, you can find her playing with her adorable new puppy, Zeus, or immersed in a good book. Her drive and passion stem from a deep hope to improve the lives of every student and the people around them.

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Shawna Grisham, CPhT

Work Based Learning Manager + Accounts Receivable Manager

Shawna has over 10 years experience in retail management, customer service, and accounting as well as many other versatile roles throughout her career.  She currently serves our students/partners as a Work Based Learning Manager where she facilitates internship programs and oversees partnerships with various schools and organizations.

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Daniel Reigelsperger, CPhT, CBCS

Senior Educational Coordinator + Instructor Intern + Digital Marketing Specialist

Daniel is a sophmore at Indiana Connections Career Academy and has a compelling passion for music.  He plays a variety of musical instruments including the ukulele, guitar, piano, and clarinet. Daniel aspires to become an instructor for KLR in the future, and has recently received his Veterinary Medical Applications Certification through Elanco.

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Brent Grisham, CPhT

Work Based Learning Manager + Instructor + Director of IT

Brent has over 20 years of management experience working for big box retailers with a focus on teaching and people development.  He decided early on in his career that he’s only successful if the people around him are successful first. KLR’s focus on people drew him to us, and he is currently serving our students as a Work Based Learning Manager & Instructor and is here to support our students and help them succeed.

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Joshua Rynard

Work Based Learning Manager + Instructor + Coding Specialist

Joshua Rynard, has now taken on the role of an instructor, while still withholding the role of our coding specialist. Graduating with academic honors six months ahead of schedule from Pendleton Heights High School, he also serves in the national guard. In his leisure time, Joshua enjoys spending quality moments with his friends and family. His exceptional leadership skills and strong work ethic make him a valuable asset to our team. Moreover, his coding prowess streamlines everyday tasks, proving to be an essential asset for the entire team.

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Nadia Lamb, CPhT

Educational Coordinator

Nadia Lamb has recently stepped into our team, showcasing her impressive academic prowess with an honors diploma and continuing her educational journey in psychology at Ball State University. Her love for reading, coupled with her fondness for spending time with friends on campus and valuing family moments, speaks volumes about her well-rounded character and her ability to connect across diverse social circles. Prior to joining us, Nadia fine-tuned her customer interaction skills during a fruitful two-year stint at Starbucks, where she thrived in a dynamic setting and cultivated a robust work ethic. Her multifaceted skills and experiences make her an invaluable addition to our team, where she is expected to bring a fresh perspective and drive impactful initiatives.

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Kyra Shidler

Veterinary Sciences Curriculum Coordinator

With a passion for animals ignited during her time at The Veterinary Technology Institute within International Business College in Indianapolis, Kyra pursued an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology/Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2009. Following graduation, Kyra gained diverse experience in the field, including an externship at the CARE center in Cincinnati and roles in General Practices, notably at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center. With expertise spanning specialties and a love for emergency care and ICU, Kyra has worked with various animals, from pets to exotics, Kyra is committed to shaping the next generation of veterinary professionals and brings dedication and a diverse skill set to our team at KLR Medical Certification Training School.

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