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At KLR Medical Certification Training School we have a team of passionate professionals who are committed to providing the best training and education possible to students. Our team combines years of industry experience with a devotion for teaching and dedication for creating an environment that fosters growth, development, and personal empowerment.

Katie Reigelsperger,

Founder & CEO

With 15 years of experience in pharmacy and healthcare, Katie founded KLR Medical Certification Training School in 2018.

Katie takes immense pride in the dedicated team she has built and the hardworking students who strive to achieve their goals. Fast forward five years to 2023, and KLR was honored with the Goodwill Connections Award. Additionally, Katie was named Goodwill's Kenneth Shaw International Graduate of the Year.

Driven by her passion for teaching and empowering others, Katie actively serves on various boards. She believes that anyone can overcome challenges and succeed, regardless of their background.


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Brent Grisham,

Pharmacy Technician Instructor + Work Based Learning Manager + Director of IT

Brent Grisham serves as the Pharmacy Technician Instructor, Work Based Learning Manager, and Director of IT. With certifications in Pharmacy Tech and Certified Billing and Coding Specialist, Brent brings expertise to his roles.

What drives Brent at KLR is his passion for helping students. He loves seeing them believe in themselves and achieve goals they once thought impossible.


Celebrating with students when they earn their certifications and diplomas is the highlight of his work.
Brent enjoys engaging with students, injecting humor into his teaching, and sharing valuable knowledge. His enthusiasm for the medical field is contagious as he learns and applies new information every day.

At KLR, Brent cherishes the family-like atmosphere, working alongside his sister, Katie Reigelsperger the CEO of KLR, and his wife, Shawna, in the Pharmacy Department. Brent isn't just an instructor or manager; he's a supportive figure dedicated to guiding students towards success.

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Shawna Grisham, CPhT, CBCS

Pharmacy Work Based Learning Manager + Accounts Receivable Manager

Shawna Grisham is our Pharmacy Work-Based Learning Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager. She assists the Pharmacy Technician instructor with various tasks and ensures that all necessary work is completed efficiently. As the Accounts Receivable Manager, Shawna handles all invoicing for KLR. She holds CPhT and CBCS certifications. Shawna loves working at KLR because it is rewarding to watch students achieve their goals.  

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Daniel Reigelsperger, CPhT, CBCS

Veterinary Sciences Instructor Intern 

Daniel Reigelsperger is a veterinary sciences instructor intern with a passion for animal care and education. Graduating from high school at the age of 16, he holds certifications in CPhT, CBCS, and Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications. Daniel completed an intensive internship at Wildhearts African Farm, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of animal care, including medication administration, sterilization techniques, and a deep dive into the laws and regulations governing the care of wild animals. This experience has provided him with valuable insights and knowledge to share with his veterinary students. Committed to ongoing personal and professional development, Daniel is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning.

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Lauren Deal 

Director of Administration and Human Resources 

Lauren Deal is the Director of Administration and Human Resources at KLR. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ball State University.

With a diverse background in education, management, and administration, Lauren brings both organization and leadership skills to her role.


Lauren enjoys working on the KLR team, helping to develop and manage policies along with establishing and maintaining relationships with school partnerships.

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Joshua Rynard, CBCS

Dental Careers Instructor + Principles of Healthcare Instructor + Coding Specialist

Joshua Rynard is the Dental Careers instructor and one of the Principles of Healthcare instructors at KLR. He also serves as the Coding Specialist. 

Joshua is certified as a CBCS and has successfully completed the ICE and RHS exams through DANB. Additionally, he is a member of the National Guard.


His favorite part of working at KLR is watching students master the material and develop a passion for the healthcare field.

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Candace Eckert 

Director of Marketing and Event Planning

Candace Eckert is the Director of Marketing and Event Planning at KLR.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University.


With a strong background in both marketing and event planning, Candace brings a wealth of experience and creativity to her role. She is passionate about her work and loves being part of the KLR team, where she plays a key role in promoting the school and organizing impactful events.


Candace's dedication and expertise help ensure KLR's mission of empowering students to achieve their goals.

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