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At KLR Medical Certification Training School we have a team of passionate professionals who are commited to providing the best training and education possible to students. Our team combines years of industry experience with a devotion for teaching and is dedicated to creating a learning environment that fosters growth, development and personal empowerment.


Katie Reigelsperger,

Founder & CEO

Between retail and hospital pharmacy, Katie Reigelsperger has 12 years of experience as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).  She quit her full-time job as Pharmacy Supervisor to teach full time in 2018.  She has since received various certifications and has expanded to teaching various other online courses.

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Naomi Willis,

Senior Educational Coordinator + Instructor

Naomi recently graduated Noblesville High School with an Academic Honors diploma.  She is currently attending Ball State University to obtain a degree in Radiography.

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Shawna Grisham, CPhT

Work Based Learning Manager

Shawna has over 10 years experience in retail management, customer service, and accounting as well as many other versatile roles throughout her career.  She currently serves our students/partners as a Work Based Learning Manager where she facilitates internship programs and oversees partnerships with various schools and organizations.

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Daniel Reigelsperger

Educational Coordinator

Daniel is a freshman at Indiana Connections Career Academy and has a compelling passion for music.  He plays a variety of musical instruments including the ukulele, guitar, piano, and clarinet. Daniel aspires to become an instructor for KLR in the future.

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Brent Grisham, CPhT

Work Based Learning Manager + Instructor

Brent has over 20 years of management experience working for big box retailers with a focus on teaching and people development.  He decided early on in his career that he’s only successful if the people around him are successful first. KLR’s focus on people drew him to us, and he is currently serving our students as a Work Based Learning Manager & Instructor and is here to support our students and help them succeed.

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Joshua Rynard

Coding Specialist

My enthusiasm for coding, combined with a strong foundation in industry standards, positions me to make significant contributions to the company. I am passionate about developing innovative training materials that inspire and empower our students to excel in their medical certifications. With a keen eye for detail and a tireless work ethic, I am eager to drive the success of both KLR and our students. Together, we will reach new heights in the world of medical education.

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Madeleine Roads, CPhT

Work Based Learning Manager + Instructor

With four months at Riverview Health and an impressive two years and six months at Accredo Pharmacy, Maddie brings extensive expertise and a proven track record in the healthcare industry. Holding the CPHT certification, Maddie's commitment to excellence is evident in every task she undertakes. Outside of work, Maddie cherishes spending quality time with her children and dogs, fostering a deep appreciation for nature. With a love for reading and writing, Maddie's enthusiasm extends beyond her professional pursuits. Her ultimate goal is to empower everyone to achieve success, fostering an environment where individuals thrive.

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