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KLR Certified Billing & Coding Specialist School Intro

What is a Billing & Coding Specialist?

Coding specialists create coded data used by hospitals and medical providers to obtain reimbursement from insurance companies or government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Medical billers then use that coded information to correctly prepare and send invoices to patients and insurance providers.

What is a Billing & Coding Certification?

A billing and coding certification is a professional recognition of the expertise, judgment and achievement of medical coders. While these certifications may not always be required, they are required in some states. Since many employers prefer candidates who have been certified, having one or more certifications may give you an advantage.

What is the CBCS Certification?

Offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), this exam verifies skills to support the coding and billing process, assign codes for diagnoses and procedures, prevent fraud by auditing billing and submit claims for reimbursement. Test topics include regulatory compliance, claims processing, front-end duties, payment adjudication and applied coding knowledge. Certification renewal requires 10 continuing education units (CEUs) and a recertification fee every two years.

CBCS Course

The Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) course will prepare each student for entry level positions as a medical biller. All participants will gain knowledge about the medical billing cycle, revenue cycle management, medical coding and billing concepts. KLR Certified Billing & Coding Specialist School offer an 8-week course that will prepare you to take the nation exam and receive CBCS credentials.

Job Outlook

One of the great benefits of a (CBCS) career is the medical billing and coding salary potential and outlook. According to the latest data from the bureau of labor statistics, the national median medical billing and coding salary is over $34,000 a year, or $16.42 per working hour. Another exciting part of the equation is that there is an expected job growth of 21% over the next decade too! With the expected growth and more than 74,000 new jobs being created through the next decade it is a great time to be a medical coder. As medical care grows so does the demand for medical billing specialists. Which is why it could not be a better time to become one!

Enroll Now

Classes begin Monday, August 1st and the deadline to register is Monday, July 25. You can sign up on our website to get enrolled.

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