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Renewing a Pharmacy Technician License Guide - Indiana

** Your license must be renewed every 2 years **

Browse to the Access Indiana Login Page:


Sign into your access account – this is the log in you created either with Jessamon Jones (all Excel Center students) or Katie (all public, Work Force Ready Grant, and WorkOne students) when you completed the licensing step. If you do NOT know your password, once you put in your email and hit submit, you will see a link at the bottom of the next page that says “Reset your Access Indiana Password”


Once you are logged in and at the “Access Indiana Dashboard” scroll down and click on the “My License” service:


This should take you to the “Licensing Home Page. Click on “Renew License” from the menu along the left:


If your license is not yet due to be renewed (they only allow it to be done in a certain time frame), the next page will say Renewable Licenses and then under that it will say “No licenses for renewal” – if you’ve gotten to this point, you are done and can log out- Just be sure to check back in before you need to renew!


If your license is ready for renewal you should see the Pharmacy Technician license. Then click “Continue”:


Read the Important Note details and then click “Continue”.


Verify your information is correct and click “Edit” if you need to make changes or “Complete” if the information is correct.


Complete the renewal questions:


You will also need to complete the answers to the survey:


Review the renewal summary page for accuracy and then click the “Pay Fees” button at the bottom:


On the Fees page click “Pay Fees” again to make the renewal payment:


Complete your payment information: