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ALL pharmacy technicians need 20 hours of CE every two years.  This is equivalent to 10 credits - AND you must have 1 credit of Pharmacy LAW and PATIENT SAFETY!

There are many websites and ways to complete CE (Continuing Education) –

For each one, you will need to create an account and add your NABP number.

Continuing Education.png

Many CE credits are FREE – you are welcome to use only these, or you can pay a small price for them.  Some websites even have member options where you pay a fee each year and get unlimited amounts of CE.  CE’s are made up of home study (modules online), webinars, and even podcasts. 

Recommended Sites for Continuing Education:

When you are searching for these on the sites, some will say “For pharmacist” and others clearly specify that they are for pharmacy technicians.  Some are even for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians – make sure you complete modules for pharmacy technicians!   

In case of an audit (NHA comes back to you and asks for proof of your CE, it is important that you save your documents and make sure that you did actually complete them!  I know several technicians who have been audited and they wanted proof! I have a file in my desk for all printed out material of CE every two years and I also have a folder on my computer where I download and save the certificates. 

It is also important that you understand that upon completion of a CE on a website that you have inputted your NAPB onto, it can take up to 72 hours for this to load to your account – so you might not see this right away.  I would encourage you to PRINT or DOWNLOAD the certificate for your own records should something not go through in time or correctly!  Once the certificates have been saved you can click the button below to renew your NHA Certification.

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