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Campbell Lively


My name is Campbell Lively and I am in the graduating class of 2025 for Hamilton Heights

High School. I was introduced to KLR in January. Since I was 11 years old, I have been given

many opportunities to explore different career paths. This all started at the JA Biztown Hall of

Fame where I gave a speech in front of 300 people explaining the nonprofit business I had

created. It was designed to help the homeless and those struggling in my community. The Youth

Acceptance Program later recognized me and provided me with many connections. Since then, I

have worked hard to make new connections. This past October, I met with the Hamilton County

coroner and was able to learn more about the forensic field. He allowed me to watch an autopsy

since I am interested in the field. Opportunities like this have given me a brighter idea of what

career I want to pursue. My mother, Carrie Lively, is the executive director of Hamilton County’s

Pursuit Institute, which focuses on helping high school students explore and find a career they

love. She found KLR and decided to connect with them to create a CCMA program. I was so

lucky to have the opportunity to pilot this course with another student from Sheridan High

School. I have always been particularly drawn to the medical field and wondered how I would be

able to get my foot in the door.

The CCMA program allows high school students to learn the role of a medical assistant and

prepares them to take the national exam to become certified. At first, I was nervous thinking I

would be expected to learn by myself since it was a remote course. After my first meeting with

Katie, Naomi, Shawna, and the rest of the KLR team, I quickly learned that this team would

always have my back and was there to help with anything I may struggle with. I was always

engaged and excited to learn the new material and was able to remember what we learned by

always having ways to study and practice. The team does a fantastic job preparing students for

the midterm, final, and national exam. I have yet to take my national exam, but I am excited to

take this course again with even more students wanting to pursue a career int he medical field!

Campbell Lively
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