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Amanda Dillow

Veterinary Assistant

What brought me to KLR Medical Certification Training School was my life coach at The Excel Center of clarksville Indiana. My friend had joined the school which intrigued me to also finish high school. After I completed all the classes there, the certification was the very last step towards me getting my diploma. 


I am from New Albany indiana, I am 33 years old with two kiddos. I wanted to show them at no matter what age you are, you can complete all your goals if you work towards it. And that's exactly what I've done. 

The coach's at KLR (Naomi and Daniel) help to make sure you get all the correct info you need and they give you the help you want to succeed. They are super patient with you no matter what situation you're going through. 

My next step from here is growing in the medical field related to both animals and humans. I also work with addicts in addiction, and this certification will help me graduate high school so I can then further my education. 

Amanda Dillow
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