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Bonnie Cottrell

Veterinary Assistant

Hi my name is Bonnie Sue Cottrell. This Vet Assistance class was presented to me from my career

coach Ashley. I was bouncing from job to job the pass few years before starting Goodwill in

Georgetown, Ky 40324 a little over three years ago. Little would I realize what I would accomplish.

The first thing I accomplished is getting certified in the Rise Up program for Customer Service and

Sales. Shortly after I was certified on register and now vet assistance!!!

I signed the contract with Ashley when the class was available. Followed by eight weeks of hard

work. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and wondered how my brain was going to contain all of the information, but in time I did. The class had lots of reviews, test preps, and a game I didn't hear of until this class called Kahoots.

Mid-Term came so quickly and to my surprise I made a 98%!!! When the time came to take the

Elanco test I was a wreck (pre jitters). I went in Saying to myself,”I can do this. Lets do this.” We had three hours to take the test. I took fully advantage of the time. An hour and a half later I passed with a 82%!!!

My teachers were really nice. They worked with me every step of the way. Even when the program

was glitchy.

My proudest moment was the birth of, Pencil. A project I hope will continue with future classes. I had to pick an animal we were studying and then draw that animal. Then show how to do exams through diagrams, drawings, and writing information down on vital signs and clinical examinations.

I am updating my resume along with the certificates this week and sending everything off to available jobs online, and printing some off to present in person for those I have already talked to. I hope other Goodwill employees take advantage of this programs and other opportunities at Goodwill to help better there lives. Thank you for a better future.

Bonnie Cottrell
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