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Erica Buckman


My name is Erica Buckman, I am from Jefferson County located within Louisville, Kentucky.  I chose this accelerated course because I want to pursue a new career path in which I can earn more money.  I was working as a clinical analyst for a physician's group, but that position ended.  Before I got the position as a clinical analyst, I worked as a certified medical assistant.  I no longer have a desire to work with patients in a medical setting. 

During the BCBS course there was a lot of information to retain but Katie and the rest of the staff made it easy because they would go over the information numerous times, and that helped me a lot.  If there were ever any questions regarding any of the assignments, even after class, Katie and the rest of the staff was available to help.  I was at ease knowing that my support system was there, if I needed them. There wasn't one thing that I feel like helped me more than being able to access the slides and other information pertaining to the course at my convenience.I plan to use my certification to work with an insurance company.  I also have plans of obtaining other certifications that pertain to billing and coding.

Erica Buckman
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