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Alexis Martisauskas


My name is Alexis Martisauskas. I am a twenty four year old mother of one. My journey with KLR medical certification training school started as a graduation path for the Excel Center Hammond Indiana in 2023. I started the Excel center after struggling for years with trying to complete school. I dropped out of high school due to years of extreme bullying and worked small paying jobs that wanted diplomas but looked past it. 

Knowing how a diploma would help catapult my chances of a better job I started looking for options and found the Excel Center. Being a young mother I had to have something that catered to my life. 

KLR Medical certification training school is wonderful and makes learning the amount of information fun and memorable. There were some moments where I felt overwhelmed but the staff could see and helped.I honestly didn’t think I would make anything of myself but here I am. 

Overall my experience was great!  I felt that I learned everything and left the class with 106%. I enjoyed the family atmosphere that is within the KLR community, every one of my classmates was helpful to each other and the staff at KLR are always available.

I intend to get a job utilizing my certification at an independent pharmacy and help better my community one customer at a time making sure they leave like family.

Alexis Martisauskas
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