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Andrew Harless


My name is Andrew Harless and I live in Noblesville, Indiana. Born and raised here, half of my childhood in Anderson and the rest here in Noblesville. After dropping out of Noblesville High School, due to bad teaching, I took 5 months off before joining Options Charter School. Personally it has been the best school experience I’ve had yet. Although I slacked off with schoolwork and am graduating late, without those series of events I would have never had this wonderful opportunity here at KLR. It all started in July of 2022 when my counselor texted me about an opportunity for credits and a career path. At first I did not take it seriously and just as a way to graduate sooner. Then, the class started in August and the support was overwhelming. Even while working 40 hrs a week and rotations everyday.

       I started the class off a little rocky, a few missing assignments here and there, until it became too much to keep up with. With the help of one of the best and most supportive teachers I’ve had, Miss Katie Reigelsperger, I was able to catch up and have enough motivation to finish the class on time and with a good grade. The process that helped me get through the class with a tight schedule was dedicating time to the assignments in the morning between jobs and at night after my shift ended at 1am. Along with the weekly zoom calls that gave me even more time for new and late assignments. My experience with this course and the amazing staff behind KLR has been the greatest experience ever. Without the support and motivation from Katie, I would have given up half way through to work my 9-5 and go the easy route. I owe it all to her for helping me get through the course as well as rotations. Got me so motivated I accidentally worked an extra week of rotations without knowing! 

       The one thing I enjoyed the most out of this class was probably the three weekly zoom calls that got and helped me stay motivated through the course. From the friendly competitions, great teaching and endless support from katie. As well as all the great people I met at my rotations all working together to help me learn the business. I plan to use my certification to work at my rotation part time until the summer and I can work full time there. With corporate walgreens wanting me to work for the company I believe I can do it with ease. Further into the future I plan to become a wholesale marketer in real estate so I can have more financial freedom to get as many licenses as possible and maintain all of them. From pharm tech, vet tech, pilots, cdl, real estate, etc etc. I just wanna be prepared for whatever life can throw my way.

Andrew Harless
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