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Angelica Saavedra


Hello, My name is Angelica Saavedra, I attended the Excel Center in Hammond, IN. I decided to

go back to school in 2022 when i sadly lost my baby. Although I was heartbroken I realized I

wasn't where I wanted to be financially or emotionally in life to have a child. I promised myself

that i would go back to school, finish and get my diploma, and that's exactly what I did. I

overcame a lot of hardships in order to finish school. When it was time for me to take my

certification they brought up the opportunity to take a pharmacy technician class with KLR

Training School and I immediately jumped at the opportunity because it has always been a

dream of mine to get into the medical field. I was a part of Term 4 Feb.24,2023-Apr.21,2023, i

can admit it was a bit hard and a lot of work and sleepless nights but thanks to Mrs.Katie and

the rest of the KLR team I was able to get through it. They pushed me to be great and always

believed in me. I am so beyond grateful. I plan to use my certification to build my life and career,

support my family, and be the fresh new smile in the Pharmacy industry!

Angelica Saavedra
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