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Crystal Downey


I started my journey to KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School by way of COVID. I had a great job managing an office, doing design and estimation for a remodeling company. When COVID hit I was laid off and unfortunately the circumstances made it so I could not return there. While off of work I received unemployment and the work one program informed me that the state had received grants to pay for education in a select few subjects. I chose pharmacy Technician and fell right into Katie’s school! 

I took my education very seriously! I was always early, completed my work that same day and passed with a 98%! I took my final and NHA early and NAILED them both! I felt so prepared and it was all due to Katie! She is such an amazing instructor and just a beautiful person! The method she uses to teach is so understandable and easy to follow. I have always had test anxiety but for her class and the NHA I was calm and collected…totally prepared! 

After I graduated and became licensed I started working retail pharmacy at CVS and have been told by several pharmacists that I am far exceeding what a new person usually is and that my knowledge base is much higher then most new employees! They have even already offered to get me immunization certified! I’m moving forward so quickly all thanks to this class and Katie!

My daughter saw my success and happiness and asked to take the class too so we enrolled her and she is about to take her final and is currently sitting at a 99% in the class! I am so thankful every day for having this opportunity to take Katie’s class and I look forward to keeping in touch with her to let her know just how positively she has impacted my life and now my daughters! 

Don’t wait for opportunities to fall into your lap, take your future into your own hands and take charge!

Crystal Downey
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