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Crystal Fortner



My Name is Crystal Fortner I am from Tennessee I have 5 childrens 3 girls and 2 boys. Well let me tell you what brought me to KRL Medical certification training school.It was one of the requirements I had to do before getting my high school diploma at the excel center. so the Excel center was giving a lot of options of certifications to choose from so I had chosen to go with the pharmacy technical certification because I wanted to experience something new and it work just perfect around my classes that I were attending at the excel center.I started class with Krl medical training school in feb of 2023 and it ended april 21,2023.My experience with Mrs.katie at Krl were the most enjoyable and interesting class I took and the best teacher at the Krl school she might was hard on us but she made sure we left what we  came to get and that was that certification.what helped me out  the most during the class were my classmates my teachers and Mrs Katie kept going over the same work everyday to make sure we had it stuck in our head.But now I can say what mrs Katie always told us to say at the end now I am a certified pharmacy tech and I will be using my certification at the hospital that I work for now Baptist Memorial Hospital and that is my goal.

Crystal Fortner
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