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Destani Workman


As a student of the Excel Center Clarksville, I chose to receive a certification as a requirement for my graduation. During this time I'd actually felt a sense of emptiness in my life. I was unsure what I wanted to do with it, and I didn't feel any passion towards any specific career paths. In the end, I chose to get certified as a pharmacy technician, as healthcare was something I was interested in as a kid.


 And so, I was brought here, to KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School in August of 2022. As I started going through and getting the work done, it eventually dawned on me that pharmacy was something I genuinely enjoyed, and although there was a lot of work, it was worth it and fun. Katie was an amazing instructor, and she really made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the class. There were fun projects and assignments, and I personally loved working with sig codes. The notes were time consuming, but so worth it and so helpful. Nearing the end of the course there were a couple students expressing their doubt to her. She immediately shut the doubt down and replaced it with words of encouragement, always making sure we knew she believed in us and knew we could do it.


And she was right. I personally went into my national exam feeling very prepared, although still nervous like anyone would be. I passed, and I will never be able to thank Katie enough. With this certification I plan to finally start my journey as a pharmacy technician, most likely starting in retail so I can gain experience. Once I feel comfortable and confident enough to do more, I want to switch to a hospital pharmacy. Who knows, maybe I'll find myself wanting to go further and dive deeper into my passion, and I'll go to pharmacy school to become a pharmacist.

Destani Workman
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