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Dymond Silguero


Hello, my name is Dymond Silguero and I’m originally from Texas. I attended The Excel Center in Anderson Indiana. I moved to Indiana at the end of 2018 to finish high school after having all of my credits taken away from me. I was back to square one and worried about how long it would take me to get everything back. I hit a dead end and had no motivation to do those 4 years all over again.  

I had a hard time going to school regularly ever since I was a child. After losing my grandpa, who was basically my rock and my dad, when I was 7 it just became even harder for me. He was the only one I was connected to in this life. No one could push me to attend school like he did so I had to learn to push myself. No school was right for me even in my own home town where I was raised.  

The Excel Center was a breath of fresh air and was very comfortable for me. I was allowed to go at my own pace. I wanted to do better and show myself that I could reach for even bigger goals than just simply getting by liked I had witnessed from many people around me. During my time at The Excel Center, I found Ms. Katie's class. The thought of being a pharmacy technician had never crossed my mind, but she made learning easy. The atmosphere of the class was wonderful and the people were very kind. Everyone was very hard working and I felt like I was able to grow and learn. I felt motivated for the first-time watching others push for their goals, so I pushed for mine. I managed to graduate and receive my Core 40 diploma with a 4.02 GPA as well as being named Magna Cum Laude. Along the journey I also received my pharmacy tech certification. I managed to surprise myself after all those years of struggling and people not believing in me. Now, I am currently working as a home health care provider and I plan on going to college to receive my Bachelor's degree. I don’t know what I would have done had I not found The Excel Center and Ms. Katie’s class. I am very thankful for everyone at The Excel Center and to Ms. Katie for making sure that I pushed myself to succeed.  

Dymond Silguero
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