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Jacob Reed


What brought me to KLR Pharmacy Technician School was that at the Elkhart Excel Center, I needed a Certification to be able to graduate with a Core 40 diploma. It's been over twenty years since I was in school and when I finished high school, you did not need a certification. I received a certificate of completion, not a diploma because I did not complete the IStep that was required then. When I found the Elkhart Excel Center at the Elkhart County Fair

Grounds on July 24, 2022, when I was asked “would you like to get your Core 40 diploma?” I was so excited because I thought I would never be able to get my diploma. So, I got my transcripts and was enrolled in the Excel center. I was given some classes and they asked me “what certification I would like to do?” I picked Pharmacy Technician because I like helping people. At first, I thought this class was going to be hard. Listening to Katie talking about how

you’re going to learn all this in an eight-week course made me think that I was going to fail. Then she told us that if we do everything she asks you will pass. When I was preparing to take my final exam for this class, I was getting anxious and I thought I was going to fail the final. The night before my final exam, I called Katie but she didn’t pick up because I had called her late

about 11 PM. So, I texted her saying sorry for calling her so late. Then, she called me back and gave me a pep talk about you have this, I believe in you, and that you're going to do great. She told me, “to stop studying the rest of the night and go do something I like doing.” I told her that I like playing video games. So, I went and played till midnight. Then I went to bed. The next

morning, I got up and took my final exam. It only took me 51 minutes and I was given three hours and I got 174/185 on it. What I enjoy in this class was that Katie and her team were always there when I needed to talk and get help. What helped me was I was able to retake tests which helped me to remember questions and the answers to those questions. Katie and her team believed in me and told me that I can do hard things. I plan to look for a job as a retail

store Pharmacy Tech and work my way up to a hospital Pharmacy Tech. I also will work towards getting a house for my family and me.

Jacob Reed
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