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Jammy Lardydell


What brought me to KLR Medical Certification Training School? I want to say it was one of the requirements for me to obtain my High School Diploma. However to be completely transparent it was my children, especially my 19 year old daughter Divine. I started the 8 week Pharmacy Technician course on August 2nd 2023 through the Excel Center (West) program located in Indianapolis, IN.

A little bit about who I am as a person? Well I’m a 42 yr old single mother of 2 children. My daughter Divine is 19 yrs old and my son Dylan is 6 yrs old. Be that as it may honestly i wasn't thinking about or considering going back to school to obtain my high school diploma until the summer of 2022 when I learn that my daughter who was 17 at the time would no longer be able to attain the high school she was at because of credits and since she had already reached the senior level she wouldn't be able to graduate with her class that year. As a parent that was devastating to hear, of course, but as a mom I could only think about how my daughter was feeling at the time and what kind of pressure that was on a young adult who was getting ready to step into the next phase of her life. I prayed to God, asked for his direction for what was needed of me to do in this situation, now I know you're probably thinking to yourself. I stated at the beginning of this story that I am obtaining my high school diploma. That is still correct, I am. I can truly say that I've been very blessed to have had lucrative job opportunities along the way. I had never obtained my own high school diploma. It wasn't until the situation that happened with my daughter, that I realized the course of my own destiny would change. I asked my daughter what she wanted to do. Get her GED or go back to school and get her high school diploma through the excel program. She said to me she wanted to get her high school diploma. I said ok, that if she committed herself to continuing her education that I would commit myself to go back and do the same with her. So that's how my journey to the excel center and KLR started.

My process through this whole experience has been to stay prayerful knowing that GOD supplies all that we need, humble in trusting the process, and being dedicated and relentless with seeing it through to the end . Not just as a student but as a mother. Showing my children that accountability and dedication truly does pay off. My instructor Mr. Brent Grisham has been God sent for me, his teaching skills were just what I needed to learn the material required. He allowed our class to be comfortable with learning, always reassuring that we got this and taking time to break everything down for us. He showed patience, made himself available, provided detailed direction, and if there was a question asked he made it his business to provide an answer, whether that was immediately or if he had to provide it later, an answer was obtained. I enjoyed every part class, from learning about sterile compounding, the difference between hospital and retail pharmacy, having guest speakers enlighten us with their experiences, and that everyone in my class was ready to learn and willing to help each other.

How will I be using my certification? Well I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician !!!! I look forward to a career that will supply endless opportunities of learning in a team setting. Knowing that what I will do will help service patients/customers is a rewarding feeling and I welcome the knowledge that it will bring in my career. Giving God all Glory I feel the best is still yet to come!!!!

Jammy Lardydell
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