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Jerdawn Robinson


Being the youngest of three and having parents who both completed college, I knew from a young age that when it came to academics, I had high expectations. It was not until I was almost completed with

undergraduate courses that I realized a bachelor's degree is an accomplishment, but a doctorate degree is reaching an even higher bar that I am determined to achieve. After obtaining a degree in Los Angeles, I had a hard time choosing a profession to pursue. Most students with a bachelor's in Exercise Science go into sports medicine professions, but while working at different physical therapy clinics I realized I was not as happy as I would like to be when it came to a career. I completed a lot of research to find something that fits my desires and interestingly enough came across a social media account of a black woman Pharmacist. There was something about her that reminded me of me and that being said, she inspired me to look into a career. This is where I came across the KLR Pharmacy Technician training school. After starting the training, I immediately knew this profession is what I was looking for. Katie made this training so enjoyable and encouraged me to continue my goal to complete a doctorate. I took her training in the summer of 2022 and was given the necessary information in less than 8 weeks in order to pass the National exam for the certification of Pharmacy Technician. Whether it's a job, volunteering, or school I put my heart and soul into anything I am pursuing. I plan to use this certification to expand my knowledge in the technician workforce and gain expertise in order to prepare me for a doctorate in a pharmacy program. The challenges that will inevitably come with this program will mold me into a well-rounded woman with competence in the pharmaceutical world and this is what I am most excited for. I am ready and willing to conquer any adversities that I may face during this process in order to grow in

this profession. As being part of the top students in my classes, I plan to use the studying techniques and tactics I have learned in order to achieve my goals and be successful as a doctorate student. Although I do not have over 5 years of experience in the workforce, I plan to capitalize on the information I have gained from 10-year-pharmacy technicians and learn from their experience in order to be successful

professionally. And finally, but not least, as a woman of color I plan to use the adversity of underestimation in order to fuel my fire and achieve one of the highest degrees there is to achieve.

Jerdawn Robinson
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