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Karen Perez


Hello, my name is Karen Perez.

What brought me here was the vision board that I had to do in one of my classes, I discovered that my qualities qualified for this certification and the school offered and as always I have been surrounded by people who have taken different medications, I liked to research everything about their functions and what other diseases they could be taken for , although I had to wait to take it after graduating because the schedules interfered with my classes, I hesitated to take it because the fact that it was virtual made me feel that it could be difficult, I also heard that it was one of the most difficult certifications because it was a lot a homework for the short time of the class and the language I thought would be a barrier too since I do not speak English 100% but as much as Ms. Dowdy from Excel Center Memphis and Ms. Katie from KLR encouraged me saying that they believed in me and that I could do this, and they were not wrong, thank you!

I'm Mexican, I live in Memphis,TN. I took the certification in term 2 (2023) The process was easy for me because I do not have small children and I wasn't working either, so I dedicated all my time to take the class, I had a good time, Mr. Brent was a great piece in this process since there was always motivation, he always had an easy way to help us remember the things we had to study and he was always there for us when we have any doubts or questions regardless of whether they were after school hours, this was something I really liked because we didn't have to wait until next class.

I will use this certification to work and hopefully in the future I will be able to testify like many of the people who brought us to class to talk about their experience being a Pharmacy Tech.

Karen Perez
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