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Makenzie McDonald


Hello , My name is MaKenzie McDonald ! I am 32 years old , born and raised in Bloomington , Indiana. I am a GRADUATE from The Excel Center , Bloomington .

A little more about me and how I found The Excel Center and KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School .. I was a highschool dropout , I have always struggled , and was always so embarrassed of myself because I was a bigger girl "fatty" is what they would always say or make fun of me because my last name was McDonald , so I was always teased and tormented through all my elementary , to highschool and I dropped out October of my senior year .. My mom had told me that if I dropped out I had to get some sort of diploma , because she wanted to see one of her kids graduate, so I tried to do GED classes , and I did that for a couple months and gave up , then tried it again and gave up ... I was to the point to where I just didn't care if I had a GED , or diploma .. Until I tried Penn Foster , I wasn't feeling that at all , so then I gave up again .. until I came across The Excel Center & KLR Pharmacy Technician Training ! I have always wanted to do something in the medical field , or dealing with medications and knowing what they treat , I find it cool , and interesting because I never knew there was SOOOOOOOO MANYYYYY medications LOL .. 

My process through the class was taking notes and asking questions ! Ms. Katie is THE BEST INSTRUCTOR , she is very understanding , helpful and just all around amazing !! If she repeats something more than ONCE it's something YOU NEED TO KNOW , so TAKE NOTES !!!  Now that I have passed this class , I haven't used my CPht License yet , but I am working at Catalent Biologics , I love it there ! I am inspecting medications , it's very cool ! I hope soon I can put my CPht License to work Lol.

Makenzie McDonald
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