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Maria Chino


First let me say that I will be the first one graduating in my family from the first generation that came here to USA, I can not feel more proud of myself than today that I’m almost done with my high school and I’m done with my certification, when I thought of college I always thought of a career as a bookkeeper or accountant but that change completely when my coach offer me this certification available for me, of course I thought it was almost impossible for me to make it from the first day I saw the material I got scare for a moment, I started on february 21, 2023 and ended on April 21,2023. Since day one Katie make me feel very comfortable with material, always making sure we don't stay behind in assignments, Mr. Brent, Naomi and all the coaches were always there for us, IT NEVER MATTER WHAT TIME IT WAS and when I say that is because they were helpful 24 hours a day for us answering questions making sure we always have everything clear, All the material they provide was very helpful at the time we took the national exam, projects, chapters, bullet points and and every class reviews make me memorize everything in just 8 weeks  of classes. My dedication to this class was very, very helpful, not missing any class, being on time, always being prepared for class.  Being able to be in the medical field now as a pharmacy technician made me realize how we can help others anytime. Now I'm planning on getting my license so I can start working in the pharmacy field.

I can wait for what the future holds for me and my family. I'm pretty sure it will be a brighter future for my children, I DID IT. 

Thank you very much, KLR Medical certification training school.

                                                                                            Maria R Chino.

Maria Chino
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