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Shakira Hopkins


I didn’t hesitate to choose KLR Medical Certification Training School. At first for me it was just a

last minute pick because I needed a certification of completion to receive my diploma but once I

started the class I grew to love every second of it, especially our very supportive teachers.

Growing up as a teenager in Indianapolis everything wasn’t peaches and cream , I got kicked

out of school multiple times for fighting and disobeying my teachers. I would say I switched 3

different schools throughout my 9-11th grade year , my mom finally got fed up and sent me to

Ivy Tech Christle House Dor program. I didn’t take that seriously for about 6 months and my

priorities weren’t straight at all. It took for me to fight and nearly get arrested for me to sit and

think about everything , I still had a whole life to live and finishing school was my biggest goal.

Soon after that I started going to school everyday and receiving all my highschool credits. My

teachers had dulled my spirit a little when they announced I had all 40 credits but couldn’t

graduate without a certification. So I chose this one. I only had a month until graduation and the

KLR class was 8 weeks. I stressed myself the WHOLE eight weeks. I doubted my ability to pass

this course but once I studied and actually believed I could I did it with the help of my teachers

and the inspirational words. I enjoyed every bit of this course, even the frowns and mostly the

smiles that come along with taking this class. I also enjoyed how everyone uplifted each other

throughout the process because I knew everyone needed it. I will be using my certification to

work in either a pharmacy or hospital. My goal for the future is to become a pharmacist.

Shakira Hopkins
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