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Tamicka Gregory


I came to KLR Pharmacy Technician training School from The Excel Center in Indianapolis IN. I was determined to change my life. I was determined to make something great of myself while helping others. I chose to take a Pharm Tech class because I've seen the shortage of good people in this area. I felt this was the perfect career for me the more research I did on this career. There were multiple times I doubted that I could even do this. Running a business, being

a parent of four kids, (including a toddler who craves all of mommy's attention), and still volunteering and making all my group studies. It was a long and tiring road sometimes, but I pushed through it all because I knew it would all be worth it. In class it was amazing how much our teacher encouraged us and told us we could do it. One thing I will never forget is that she would always tell us "We can do hard things", it stuck with me especially on the days where I worked all day and came home, put kids to bed and studied all night. I even use it in my everyday life now. I plan on using my certification to help where help is needed, I plan on using my certification to start a new chapter of my life. I plan on starting at a small position and

working my way up. I want to learn compounding and I eventually want to work in a hospital setting preferably medical reconciliation in the emergency room. I never thought I would make it this far in life, I never thought I would be making something of my life in my 30's but now with the help of Mrs. Katie, I feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to!

Tamicka Gregory
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