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Tania Franco


I started the pharmacy technician class with KLR on October 3rd of 2022.

I am from Mexico, I finished high school in Mexico, and I was studying accounting and I was planning on finishing it and keep studying there because they gave us the opportunity to study to be a systems engineer since everything was in the computers anyway, and I was accepted

into the university since I passed all the tests. And then I came here, to a new country. Everything was hard for me; I had to learn a new language and start high school again since they didn't give any credit to my documents from Mexico. I felt like my life was ruined because I had to start everything again, so I dropped school here because I don't have an SSN. So, what was the point of being studying if they wouldn't give me the opportunity to go to college or to have work. But now that my kids are growing and I see the life they have, I just want more for them. They deserve much much more and the fact that I don't have an SSN is not going to decide the life my kids are going to have so that is What brought me here because I want better for them. My experience with KLR was more than I expected I never imagined that I would like a medicine class I was thinking I'm going to do this just so I can graduate from high school but now I'm so interested in this I would love to work as a pharmacy technician at a hospital setting even that my situation is still hard, but I will work for it. The process here was so encouraging to me. It taught me that I can do big things even if I don't think I can do them. I had a really good experience even that my English is not 100% good. They made everything so easy to understand. I just love this course. My goal here is to use my certification to help in the case to get my papers to be legal here and can work as a pharmacy technician since I can not work right now. 

Tania Franco
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