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Taylor Bird


My name is Taylor Bird. I am from Indianapolis Indiana. This is my success story. I chose to enroll myself in the excel center during hard times in my life. I wanted to better myself for my children. They had been through so much already. The time that I spent at the school really opened my eyes to the possibilities I had available to me. I was still unsure of what I wanted to do or go into.  At this time I had only known I wanted to finish school to keep the opportunity doors open. 

Fast forward a few years, my youngest daughter started having health problems. We took multiple trips to various health care providers. She was having her tonsils flare up every other week along with temperature spikes up to 100 degrees. As a mother I just wanted to fix her, help her, anything. Realizing I knew absolutely nothing about medicine or the medical field, I chose right then what field of work I wanted to be in. I didn't just want to help my child, I wanted to help anyone that was dear to me. Understanding all of it was a goal to me. I decided I wanted to start somewhere small and work my way up. I went to my coach questioning what certifications were available. The school had a variety of certifications that I could have chosen to start with. With the information given, I felt pharmacy was the best choice for me if I wanted to know all of the ins and outs. Making a plan with my coach, we jotted down this was my first choice.  

I can not recall the date I started my classes. However, I can tell you it was during the fall of 2022. I can also tell you that my timing for the class was a week behind. Telling my coach I was finished with my work she sent me to an MOP class. I quickly noticed I was not in the class I had chosen. The race to get this fixed had begun. My coach did great work swiftly getting me signed up into the KLR pharmacy technician course. Even though I had to catch up and start a week behind, my gratitude was beyond for the opportunity. The course consisted of online classes followed by daily assignments.  Some of the classes would be a guest speaker to inform you about different companies. Notes and writing assignments were in abundance but very helpful. The instructor was very mindful and helpful to her students and at the same time very to the point. At first the course seems like a lot to take on. However, it is broken down very precisely so that you can accurately obtain the information without feeling overwhelmed. I very much enjoyed the knowledge and how it was broken down in this course. As well, I enjoyed the guest speakers. This was extremely helpful for when you want to apply and knowing how you want to design your path in life. I feel it was one of the most helpful key aspects of this course, along with the drug clues of course! 

The next goal in my path will be to apply at a retail job near my children's school. I am very comfortable in a retail setting. After feeling confident with my daily tasks and in the environment I plan to move into a hospital setting. I really would like to be accepted at Riley Children's Hospital. They are always so caring and excellent with my daughters. It is very much inspiring. 

Thank you for your time! 

Taylor Bird
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