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Temilola Adeoye


Coming to the United states to live permanently was never in my plan and so I already attained a level of Education in my country which is acceptable for a woman. But as a life threatening situation surfaced , I didn’t have nowhere to go than to be in a Country where I will be safe and there’s vast of opportunity for a woman like me.

My late father told me when I was a child that no one can fit in a society without good education. So getting here, I made enquiries about the educational system and a friend told me about Excel center and even went ahead to obtain the registration form on my behalf and just like that I began my journey to having a diploma in the United States.

Excel center showed me a different form of teaching  and learning which I never experienced, interactive classes and committed teachers. I just want to keep going to school. Never missed a class. Then the opportunity came to get a certification and was told about Pharmacy Technician and that got me excited, because Pharmacy had always been a dream course for me. So with this I may even make my own dreams achievable.

Afterwards, then the reality set in. When my school secretary, Ms Ellaine told me, I won’t be able to take any other subject this term so I can face the Pharmacy Technician class squarely, I didn’t understand until I got into Ms katie’s class. It was an intense Eight weeks with loads of quizzes and assignments.

But eventually, all of that got me prepared for the National Exams, and it was a great accomplishment passing the National Exams at one attempt. Ms Katie did a wonderful job preparing me . And I can’t thank her enough for it. 

Now Temilola Adeoye is a certified Pharmacy technician. Thanks to Excel center and KLR Pharmacy Technician Training School for making all of this come true.

Temilola Adeoye
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