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Alicia Farmer


Hi, my name is Alicia Farmer and I’m 25 years old. I’m from

Milwaukee,Wisconsin, but I currently live in Indianapolis,Indiana. Growing

up in my teenage years it was a bit difficult for me so I never got to finish

highschool. As my years kept going I kept procrastinating. Eventually I

stopped doing that and was ready to get started with my career. Now, my

mom is friends with this guy named Sal and his wife Kelly. One day they

were talking and my mom brought up how I wanted to finish school, and

Sal however worked with this school called the Excel Center. The Excel

Center is a school for adults that did not finish school. They help you get a

diploma (not GED) and a certification in what you’ll like to do in your career

path. This is what brought me to the KLR billing and coding specialist

school. I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field, but I didn’t know what

part I wanted to be in. There’s so many different fields. Once I saw Excel

offering this course, I was happy. Something new and it’s part of the

medical field. As I was preparing to take this class I was nervous, but I

wasn’t going to back out though. The founder and CEO Katie assured me

that everything will be fine and I’ll do great. It was very much needed and

encouraging. In the beginning it was a bit rough because my newborn baby

was in the NICI. I kept going though. Long nights of finishing work and

steadying. I had to prove myself especially from my first test I took. My

fiance and the KLR team was a big support as well because they

encouraged me to not give up and TO STAY IN THE CLASS STILL!! My

classmates are a support too because without them, it would’ve been

boring. We communicate with each and help each other. During our

lessons with Katie and Naomi was a great experience. We’ll have laughs,

guess speakers, and work well as a whole. I’ve actually learned a lot in this

class, and was very interested in learning. I definitely improved myself

thanks to my family and other supporters. Now I’m officially a CERTIFIED

BILLING AND CODING SPECIALIST and I plan on continuing my CBCS

career and start looking for work!

Alicia Farmer
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