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Diana Hedgers


I came to your class May 1st 2023 until June 26th 2023. I have done odd jobs here and there, all places were you did not need a high school diploma. I have been a HHA for about 15 years now and am getting to the point where I can no longer do this line of work. I was lucky enough to end up with a consumer that is enrolled in the Excel center, and when he found out that I did not have a GED or High school diploma he talked me in to joining him and getting mine as well. I never thought I would be in my 40’s getting a better education. I chose medical billing and coding because I am an organize freak, by that I mean everything has its place and also I would love to work from home. I have animals at home that look at me with sad eyes every time I go to work, and it just breaks my heart. Sounds cheezie I know.

I enjoyed being part of your class. I really liked the way you do your teaching, by having us go over the same stuff over and over again but wording it differently, that really makes it stick. I also enjoyed the question of the day very much. I will be honest at first I was not a big fan of them but I got to like the challenge.

My plans for now are helping my consumer, so he can Graduate in December and then he will be moving to Tennessee and I will be putting applications in first with the Hospital in Franklin and then with MHP. I would like to be more on the coding side of things then on the billing side of things.

I thank you so very much and I am so grateful that you gave me an opportunity to learn from you, you are an amazing teacher, thank you so much.

Diana Hedgers
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