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Haylee Evans


What brought me to the KLR medical training course was my want for being in the medical field after I graduated for high school, when The Excel Center asked me what certification class I wanted to take I instantly chose to take the CBCS, I then started the class at the beginning of May 2023. 

        I am originally from Connersville, Indiana where I lived with my mom for most of my life. I had moved to Indianapolis, Indiana for a couple years but I had moved back to my home town after a traumatic incident, at the age of 18 I moved to Richmond, Indiana where I had found out about The Excel Center. 

My process during the CBCS class was to be focused, stay determined, and ask questions if they were needed. I jotted down as many notes as I could and color coded almost everything, color coding is what helped me more than anything. 

My experience in the class with you was amazing, you were flexible and very determined for us to do great things. You staying on top of me and my classmates is why I think I passed. You were an amazing teacher and I will forever remember “You can do great things”

What I enjoyed about the class is the flexibility and how close we all got with each other, we were all a team who wanted all of us to succeed. The teachers were all so kind and helped me out so much, especially with my work schedule. 

I will use my certification to jump into the medical field, I always had a dream to do something in the field and I feel that this will 100% help me in finding what my passion is. My goals after this is to attend IUE and gain my RN and become a Labor & Delivery nurse. 

Haylee Evans
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