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LaZundra Edwards


My Success Story 


So i wanted to change my career , so I wanted to do Medical Billing and Coding ,it was a challenge ,because in my area it was unlikely to find a class to complete my desires ,Thats when my Career Coach said i found a program online for you.We both were excited, so she sign me up, after finding hours to match my work times ,so they didnt work i was able to take a few days off from work since i have good attendance ,but i was determine and sacrifices was made.So  I started May 1 ,2023 I was scared and nervous kept doubting myself can I do this? Orentintation I said this class going to be hard especially when Mrs.Katie said we have to get 100% on assignments and 90% on all test , i said Holly you know what , what i got myself into ,But as we went along with  class to see the guidance was there for class assessments ,I said okay this going to be cool ,and after listening to Mrs.Katie story and confidence in us ,she ensure we can do this ,her motto you can do hard things,which I Love , after being a teenage mom then after working to support my child then children ,while working and made sure they went and finish school push them toward college , now they are all grown I said it's my turn went back to get my highschool diploma and then sign up for this course made me feel i accomplished every step I miss as a teenager.Now i know i can conquer just about anything ,so i wont stop here I'm looking forward to advance my career even more ,so thats my story I am now a Medical and Billing Coding Specialist If your looking into doing so you can do it and remember you can do hard Things , Thanks for reading my story 

Lazundra Edwards

LaZundra Edwards
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