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Terrya Miller


Hi my name is Terrya Miller & I’m 25 years old. I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana.

My life kinda started early due to me having my son at 14 years old.. that never stopped me though! I continued school literally all the way up to my senior year & a WEEK before school was over I failed a project that gave me a failing grade. I literally didn’t get to graduate due to that one credit I was missing unfortunately. Time just managed to pass me by, I tried 3 times to get it done but the support around me wasn’t enough & I couldn’t do it. 

I began with Christel House Academy & they told me about the certifications I could receive. I came too KLR due to me just being tired of not pursuing something for me. I wanted a new career change, I’ve been in the Medicare field since I started working in high school but I wanted to further my knowledge. I couldn’t move forward with my life because this weight was holding me down. My kids gave me the strength and the push I needed to just finally go for it!

My experience with this class as well as with Katie was extremely supportive and encouraging! That was my favorite part of this class as well as learning new things. What helped me get through this class was the encouragement from both classmates and my instructors. Their wasn’t a time when I felt like I wouldn’t make it. Even when I doubted myself, I still believed I could do it because of the amount of support around me during these 8 weeks. Staying on my to get assignments completed was a big one for me because of course life gets in the way, work & kids . Some days I was so exhausted but I pushed through it & I’m so glad I did! Without the encouragement & support I don’t think I could have did it. So thank you KLR for pushing me to my full potential, & a special thank you to Katie for giving me the chance!! I plan to further my experience with my certification & starting work in this field ! The more the knowledge the better. I would like to further my education in the medical field. Nursing is the goal but a few certifications and more knowledge under my belt won’t hurt. 

Terrya Miller
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